Bicycle Chat

Revolutionary Chat Noir

Join us for IRC chat during showtime (last Friday of the month 10:30-noon). We're on ##bicycle

Ask questions to on-air guests, make requests, participate in giveaways, chat with listeners/hosts of the show, demonstrate your typing prowess. The rest of the month, there might still be revolutionary typists around. Drop in and see.

NEW TO IRC? Sign in using the green box below:
  1. Type in a nickname
  2. Type the captcha (funny looking words) into the blank box beside 'reload' (if you can't read the captcha, click Reload to get a different one). 
  3. Click 'Connect' -- in a few seconds you'll find yourself in the Revolutionary Chat Noir room! Enter text and hit enter to talk.

Additional notes for the lonely user: If you see people in the room and nobody's talking, they've got IRC running in the background. Type in someone's name to get their attention, and be patient; it might take a little while for someone to respond. Check your email, make some tea, pet the chat...