...the revolution will not be motorised...

Pedal Revolutionary Radio covers news, culture and tactics useful to people who like bikes.

In addition to what you might expect to hear, we chew into:
  • critical thinking, dialogue, manual paradigm shifting
  • conscionable transportation, integrated transport
  • public space/the Commons
  • free fun
  • relocalisation, city gardens, clean air, clean water, food sovereignty
  • creativity, rediscovery of cottage crafts and handmade traditions
  • celebration of community
  • physical health and vigour; passionate living and loving sexual expression
  • resistance; organising strategies and tools
  • sustainable behaviour; ecological issues like climate change and pollution
  • community alliances, interdependence, mutual cooperation (anarchy)
  • building paths to a carbon-light future
  • family time
  • profiles of community leaders and projects
  • democratic health, citizen participation and strong voices, government accountability, freedom of choice and information
  • free and open source software
  • fair (re)distribution of resources, social justice
  • waste reduction and activism; sharing
  • natural beauty and sensory exultation
  • inclusiveness, anti-oppression, solidarity
  • discourse, the art of conversation, appreciation for others, dialogue, diversity, empathy
  • family time, friendship, civil society, collaboration, sharing
  • sport, recreation, innovation, spirited competition
  • independence, nonconformity, DIY ethos
  • street art, beautification projects, urban exploration/appreciation
  • civic history, legacy-building
  • history of the bicycle, contemporary bicycle communities here and elsewhere
  • environmental stewardship
  • living with less, conservation, reducing consumption
  • humane urban planning strategies and advocacy for community interests
  • outreach, promotion of any and all of the above
...in addition of course to the bicycle and all the benefits it confers

Past guests and organisations have included: